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Eclipse Info!

There's a total eclipse on April 8, 2024 (fully seen 2 hours north of Ithaca). Here are some tips and resources to view the Sun safely!

Safety Information


  • NEVER look at the sun with just your eyes outside of totality. 

  • Don’t look at the sun with sunglasses. Use certified eclipse glasses from the American Astronomical Society website.


  • You may need to travel to see totality. Use an interactive eclipse map and find your exact destination, then write down the time in seconds that totality starts and ends there. 


  • Wear your glasses until totality hits, and put them on right before totality ends.

Buy CERTIFIED safe eclipse glasses:


Figure out where to travel on April 8! Use this NASA interactive map to find a place within totality:


+ On mobile, use this eclipse map app:

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