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Eclipse Info!

There's a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 (fully seen 2 hours north of Ithaca).

There won't be another total eclipse in America until the 2040s. So please find a friend or upperclassman and carpool to totality!

If you do not have access to a car or know someone who can drive, we've organized a bus trip for undergraduates! Seats are limited, so if you decide not to go, please cancel your registration as soon as possible:

Safety Information


  • NEVER look at the sun with just your eyes outside of totality. 

  • Don’t look at the sun with sunglasses. Use certified eclipse glasses from the American Astronomical Society website.


  • From Ithaca, you need to travel to see totality. Use an interactive eclipse map (or mobile app) and find your exact destination, then write down the time in seconds that totality starts and ends there. 


  • Wear your eclipse glasses (ABOVE any prescription glasses) until totality hits, and put them on right before totality ends.

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