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The weather in Ithaca isn't always good... check it before coming!


We try to hold public observing at the Fuertes Observatory every Friday night when the weather permits. Even if the weather is prohibitive for stargazing, we will still try to open up for tours of the observatory and its historic telescopes. This said, we generally advise visitors to come on clear nights so they can have a fantastic stargazing experience.


The best place to look to see if it's clear outside is up! If you can't see any stars where you are, there is good chance that we can't either. You can also check our Twitter feed below. We also have some resources below to help you plan your visit!


Click on the picture below for the latest forecast from the National Weather Service:

National Weather Service logo

Here is the updated Clear Sky Chart for Ithaca, NY:

Other Clear Sky Charts:

-  Cherry Springs State Park, PA

-  Custer Institute in Southold, NY

-  Wakely Mountain in Adriondack Park, NY

-  Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Be sure to check the sunset times below. Observing typically won't begin until an hour or so after sunset (astronomical twilight), and doesn't get spectacular until an hour and a half after sunset!
Unfortunately, a bright moon makes it harder to observe deep-sky objects. The best time to observe galaxies and nebulae is a new moon.

But if you want to observe the moon instead, the best time is first or third quarter. Shadows help to accentuate the craters!
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