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COVID-19 Information: The Fuertes Observatory has reopened to the public for Friday night open houses! All who attend are required by university guidelines to wear a face covering when inside the building. (Updated Apr 15, 2022)

Fuertes Observatory Open House Nights

The Fuertes Observatory is open every Friday night during the Cornell academic year from 8 PM until midnight (regardless of weather) and occasionally at other times.  Lectures are given on select Friday nights during the academic year in the Fuertes classroom prior to observing. When clear, public viewing through the observatory's telescopes takes place between 8 PM and midnight. Tours of the historic building, the Irving Porter Church Refractor, and our museum will be given throughout the night, regardless of the weather. If cloudy, we may close early.


Check our Twitter feed on the right for updates!

You can also visit our Hours & Directions page for hours, directions, parking information. 


Visiting Fuertes Observatory

When you attend an open house night at the Fuertes Observatory, please be respectful of the volunteers and other observers by refraining from the use of flash photography, cell phones, and other sources of white light while observing is taking place. In order to see faint detail in galaxies and nebulae, the eyes must be fully dark adapted, which takes several minutes. Any source of white light will interfere with this adjustment and will disturb other observers. 


Dress appropriately for the season! The dome room and deck of the observatory are both unheated, and the temperature often falls rapidly after sunset.


Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Smoking of any kind (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited in or around the observatory and on the observing deck. Pets are not allowed in the building. 


In the Telescopes (outdated, Fall 2018):
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